Cyber Insurance


As a business of any size, it is likely you are becoming more reliant on technology and hold more data which is increasingly becoming the target of cyber criminals. In fact 1 in 3 small businesses have fallen victim to cyber crime! When it comes to cyber security, cyber insurance is a key way to ensure your business is covered from hackers or suffers a data breach which could even be a staff member paying a fake invoice! It takes time and money to fix and can disrupt your business leading to lost revenue, a damaged reputation and regulatory fines.

M&DH offer a fantastic cyber insurance solution to protect your business from future cyber threats backed with a team of experts who would assist in getting your business back up and running fast!

What Is Insured:

Following a Cyber Event (defined as unauthorised access, an operator error, a denial of service attack or the introduction of any malware, including ransomware) into or against your network or any cloud provider with whom you have a written contract.

  • Re‐instatement of your data.
  • Loss of your gross profit caused by the Cyber Event.
  • A specialist IT forensic company to investigate the cause and scope of the Cyber Event.
  • Following your loss of third party data or a breach of any privacy legislation worldwide (a Data Liability Event):
  • In addition, where this data relates to credit or debit card information:
    • Credit monitoring costs for affected individuals,
    • Any fines and penalties that you are required to pay by the Payment Card Industry as well as Assessment Costs that includes fraudulent transactions for which you are liable.
  • Costs to notify data subjects if this is required by legislation or considered necessary to protect your reputation.
  • Defence Costs, we will appoint a specialist law firm to defend you.
  • Your legal liability for the transmission of a virus to a third party, or you unknowingly taking part in a denial of service attack.
  • A Public Relations Company to protect and mitigate any damage to your reputation.

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