Treating Customers fairly

Our commitment to the FCA Principle of Treating Customers Fairly

M&DH Insurance Services recognises the need to treat its customers fairly and fully supports the FCA’s Principle that “a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly”. We believe that treating you fairly and paying due regard to your interests has the following benefits:

We will embrace the values of professionalism and honesty in our work ethic. We will reflect the value of our INDEPENDENCE for our Clients, and we will go the extra mile for our Clients and our colleagues. We will have fun at work, reflecting the original ‘family’ values upon which M&DH Insurance Services Ltd was built.

  • A first-class service for our customers.
  • Our customers will have a clear understanding of our insurance products;
  • We can be measured against common standards.
  • Our staff will become better able to fulfil their duties; and
  • The security and strength of our firm will be assured through ensuring we secure and retain as much business from satisfied customers as possible.

In summary we believe that conforming to the principle of treating our customers fairly will benefit not only our customers but also our staff and our firm itself.

We will therefore ensure that the need and requirements of our clients will be taken into account in everything we do, not just in our customer facing areas.