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Cyber Insurance


As a business of any size, it is likely you are becoming more reliant on technology and hold more data which is increasingly becoming the target of cyber criminals. In fact 1 in 3 small businesses have fallen victim to cyber crime! When it comes to cyber security, cyber insurance is a key way to ensure your business is covered from hackers or suffers a data breach which could even be a staff member paying a fake invoice! It takes time and money to fix and can disrupt your business leading to lost revenue, a damaged reputation and regulatory fines.

M&DH offer a fantastic cyber insurance solution to protect your business from future cyber threats backed with a team of experts who would assist in getting your business back up and running fast!

What Is Insured:

Following a Cyber Event (defined as unauthorised access, an operator error, a denial of service attack or the introduction of any malware, including ransomware) into or against your network or any cloud provider with whom you have a written contract.

  • Re‐instatement of your data.
  • Loss of your gross profit caused by the Cyber Event.
  • A specialist IT forensic company to investigate the cause and scope of the Cyber Event.
  • Following your loss of third party data or a breach of any privacy legislation worldwide (a Data Liability Event):
  • In addition, where this data relates to credit or debit card information:
    • Credit monitoring costs for affected individuals,
    • Any fines and penalties that you are required to pay by the Payment Card Industry as well as Assessment Costs that includes fraudulent transactions for which you are liable.
  • Costs to notify data subjects if this is required by legislation or considered necessary to protect your reputation.
  • Defence Costs, we will appoint a specialist law firm to defend you.
  • Your legal liability for the transmission of a virus to a third party, or you unknowingly taking part in a denial of service attack.
  • A Public Relations Company to protect and mitigate any damage to your reputation.

Cyber Claims Policies Paid Out

  • Settlement 1
  • Settlement 2
  • Settlement 3
  • Settlement 4


One of our clients accidently clicked on a malicious link on an email they had been sent and malware was downloaded onto the company server, encrypting all of their information and data meaning they were unable to continue working. A message appeared on our client’s screen demanding £20,000 to be paid to them in exchange for the decryption code.

They called us immediately and we notified their insurer who assigned a specialist IT forensic investigator to contact them immediately and assess the validity of the threat.

We also covered the costs of restoring the data that was encrypted along with any business interruption loss, all of which totalled £55,000.

Employee Error

A HR manager accidently attached the wrong file when sending an email to a potential job applicant, the file included sensitive information for all their customers, including their bank details.

We covered the liability for the loss of any personal data and any privacy legislation anywhere in the world; we also offered IT Forensics to establish what happened, provide legal advice, credit monitoring and Public Relations advice should it be required.

For the defence expenses, settlement costs for claims made relating to identity theft and costs for the IT forensics, our policy settled the costs of £91,000.

Media – Slander Via Email

An employee of one of our clients sent an internal email containing negative comments regarding one of their main suppliers. The email was forwarded on to other colleagues before eventually being sent externally by accident. Unfortunately, their supplier eventually saw the email and a defamation claim was made against our client.

We covered the costs incurred due to this as well as providing public relation advice and was settled for a total of £79,000.

Phishing Scams

A clients account manager was sent an email which she believed was from a supplier of theirs, they were requesting payment of their invoice totalling £15,000. Their account manager raised payment to the provided BAC’s details and soon after realised that the original email was not a legitimate supplier – she called the supplier and sadly found out that they had not requested this payment and it was in fact a phishing email.

We assisted by appointing a specialist IT Forensic to investigate this loss on their behalf and the policy covered their losses of £25,000.


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