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Contractors All Risks

As specialists in the Construction Industry, M&DH Insurance service Limited can provide cover to protect against the cost of unforeseen loss or damage to building works, machinery movement, advanced business interruption and public liability, installation and constructional plant.

The Contractors All Risks Policy is designed to provide protection for building and civil works during the Contract Period. The policy is written to enable the Contractor or Employer to comply with the insurance requirements of the Contract and to cover the liability of the contractor for loss or damage during the maintenance period.

In the event that the Employer wishes more extensive cover for a short term Project they are undertaking and responsible for under Contract, the Construction Project All Risks Policy can provide them with the benefits of the Contractors All Risks Policy, plus additional options to insure their Public Liability and add Advanced Loss of Profit (Revenue or Rent) risk.

Erection of plant and machinery requires very similar insurance to that needed for building and civil contracts. The Erection All Risks policy is written specifically to cater for these types of contracts.

Not all contracts are for the construction of plant or machinery, but simply involve movement of machinery from one location to another. The Machinery Movement policy covers dismantling at one location, transit to a new situation, and assembly.

Cover for constructional plant, whether owned or hired, can be arranged as part of the Erection All Risks or Contractors All Risks policies. The Contractors Plant policy provides cover for constructional plant alone.

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