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M&DH are always striving to increase the service levels for all our clients

M&DH are always striving to increase the service levels for all our clients

M&DH Academy

About Us

M&DH are proud to announce the launch of the M&DH Academy from the 1st October 2015. We are a growth orientated company, enacting a remarkable level of development across every department within the company, from sales to admin and IT. We are committed to meeting the ever growing needs of every department, and to utilising exposure to every facet of company work as a training ground for progression and development.

You may begin your career at M&DH in our dedicated Sales Support team, but the fluidity and flexibility of the M&DH Academy ensures that should you show the competence, drive and commitment to a career at M&DH, then there is no obstacle to movement to the Sales Support and Renewals teams, and ultimately to your graduation as a qualified specialist construction insurance consultant.

Education and Knowledge development is at the heart of this new initiative, and M&DH are happy to announce that they will sponsor every Academy participant through the Certification in Insurance provided by The Chartered Insurance Institute.

The birth of the M&DH Academy originated in the wake of a number of success stories that have seen recent graduates progress rapidly through the company hierarchy into senior and managerial roles. M&DH understands the benefit of developing ambitious and motivated people and it is our hope that the M&DH Academy will produce the future leaders of the company.

Academy Profile

Naomi Whiteley Cert CII

In November 2016 I took a job as an Academy Trainee, previous to this I worked for a hotel in the sales team, as I’m sure you can imagine a little different to insurance but I was looking for something new and challenging. After hearing such good things about M&DH as a company I contacted M&DH who then interviewed me for the position. After my interview I realised that there was a great working atmosphere here and was sure this is where I wanted to develop upon my professional career, I was then offered the Academy Trainee position where I learnt about the business through experiencing the different departments and progressing on a fast track programme, I am now Cert CII qualified and have also recently been promoted to Assistant Sales Support Manager.

Academy Profile

Jordan Greenwood Cert CII

In June 2016 I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Sports and Business Studies. I joined M&DH Insurance Services in August as a part of the Academy Graduate Scheme. From starting in Sales Support, I have now been in the Renewals Team for over a year whilst also becoming Cert CII qualified in December, and Graduating from the Academy in February. After being in the Renewals Team for over a year I have an understanding of where I would like to end up in the business and I know the correct tools and processes are in place to allow me to get there.

Academy Profile

Liam Reed Cert CII

After Joining M & DH in September 2016, I have progressed through the Sales Support & Renewals teams to find myself now part of our Commercial Sales Team. Before I completed my CII qualifications here at M&DH I previously worked as a Recruitment Consultant for 2 years. I felt the opportunity which presented itself here was too good to turn down and 12 months down the line I am definitely reaping the rewards. I am just getting started on my career here in an exciting industry, within a Tight Knit Team that is working in cohesion towards a shared goal.

Academy Profile

Jack Hunter Cert CII

I left the Royal Air Force without a clear idea of what I wanted as a career. In May last year I was offered a chance to join the M&DH Academy. One year on and there was no way I could imagine where I am now. M&DH has given me the opportunity to learn something completely new and they are continuing to support my development even after graduating. I hope to obtain the Diploma CII in the next few years and that could only be made possible by my choice to join the academy.

Academy Profile

Morgan Braud Cert CII

Having worked in the hospitality and retail sector, whilst at work, I saw jack and he mentioned that he had joined the M&DH Academy. In that moment I decided that I wanted to have a change in careers and took the opportunity to apply for something that I thought was far out of my reach. A few days later I was interviewed, shown around and immediately decided that this was where I could flourish in a professional environment. The Academy Training scheme offers me the opportunity to gain the knowledge of the insurance business, become credited with the Cert CII Qualification and develop as an individual in a fast-paced industry. I see myself having a bright future at M&DH.

Academy Profile

Daniel Lewis

In October 2017 I took a job as an academy trainee, having previously been in full-time football, which was a massive difference from what I was used to, however, I wanted to challenge myself in a new area. After being told that they have an Academy trainee scheme I approached the company who offered me an interview with Alex for the position. Since accepting the job offer I have realised it was a great place to work as the company matched my ambitions. Hopefully being part of the academy trainee programme, I can learn about the business, experience different departments and hopefully work my way up to the sales team on a fast track programme, alongside taking my CII exam. 

Academy Profile

Hannah Mattu

I have come from a media and recruitment background but this year I decided I needed a change in direction with regards to my career. I was fortunate enough to have an interview at M&DH Insurance and after hearing such good thinks about the company I knew it was a role I would like to see myself in. I was offered the role in June 2018 to become part of the Academy Trainee Scheme and was more than excited to take this opportunity on. M&DH Insurance offer a promising career progression with many rewards and excellent team spirt, I am hoping that being part of such a great work community I can excel and further evolve my skills by passing my Cert CII and exploring different roles within the company.