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M&DH Academy

About Us

M&DH are proud to announce the launch of the M&DH Academy from the 1st October 2015. We are a growth orientated company, enacting a remarkable level of development across every department within the company, from sales to admin and IT. We are committed to meeting the ever growing needs of every department, and to utilising exposure to every facet of company work as a training ground for progression and development.

You may begin your career at M&DH in our dedicated Sales Support team, but the fluidity and flexibility of the M&DH Academy ensures that should you show the competence, drive and commitment to a career at M&DH, then there is no obstacle to movement to the Sales Support and Renewals teams, and ultimately to your graduation as a qualified specialist construction insurance consultant.

Education and Knowledge development is at the heart of this new initiative, and M&DH are happy to announce that they will sponsor every Academy participant through the Certification in Insurance provided by The Chartered Insurance Institute.

The birth of the M&DH Academy originated in the wake of a number of success stories that have seen recent graduates progress rapidly through the company hierarchy into senior and managerial roles. M&DH understands the benefit of developing ambitious and motivated people and it is our hope that the M&DH Academy will produce the future leaders of the company.

Academy Profile

Deighton Masters Cert CII

In July 2018 I joined M&DH as an Academy Trainee, prior to this I had been working for a large energy supplier dealing with both Residential and Business customers. I was given the opportunity to join the M&DH Academy, which I believed to be more beneficial for my career as It had been explained that I can progress and develop my professional career with the recourses M&DH have. Within the Academy Trainee Programme, I am hoping to learn more about the insurance sector whilst developing upon my professional career.

Academy Profile

Anil Pal Cert CII

In May 2018 I was given the opportunity to join the Academy Trainee program at M&DH after showing my determination in a different role. Before this, my experience was in the recruitment and customer service industry, which put together made sense for me to enter the world of insurance. What drew me to taking this position was the environment in the office and the fact that no one day would be the same. The challenge is something that drives me to perform and working in harmony with other departments and interacting with customers is definitely rewarding. After learning the ins and outs of insurance in the sales support role, I am Cert CII qualified and looking forward to what my future holds within M&DH Insurance.

Academy Profile

Naomi Whiteley Cert CII

In November 2016 I took a job as an Academy Trainee, previous to this I worked for a hotel in the sales team, as I’m sure you can imagine a little different to insurance, but I was looking for something new and challenging. After hearing such good things about M&DH as a company I contacted M&DH who then interviewed me for the position. After my interview I realised that there was a great working atmosphere here and was sure this is where I wanted to develop upon my professional career, I was then offered the Academy Trainee position where I learnt about the business through experiencing the different departments and progressing on a fast track programme, I am now Cert CII qualified and head up the Sales Support team!

Academy Profile

Charlotte Block Cert CII

In October 2017 I decided to take the leap into a new role from the hospitality industry. I know Naomi and how successful she has been at M&DH in such a short space of time and thought this would be a great opportunity for me. After my interview I knew this was a place I would love to work and thrive in. I can see myself having a bright future here, with the path I am on there is no failing.

Academy Profile

Daniel Lewis Cert CII

After leaving full time football and with no previous experience of full-time work M&DH offered me the chance to join their academy programme in October 2017. I am now Cert II qualified and graduated from the academy all made possible through the opportunities M&DH have given me. I am looking forward to seeing my future development and progression which without M&DH would not have been possible.

Academy Profile

Morgan Braud Cert CII

After hearing about the M&DH Academy, in that moment I decided that I wanted to have a change in careers and took the opportunity to apply for something that I thought was far out of my reach. I was soon interviewed, shown around and immediately decided that this was where I could flourish in a professional environment. The Academy Training scheme offers me the opportunity to gain the knowledge of the insurance business, become credited with the Cert CII Qualification and develop as an individual in a fast-paced industry.

Academy Profile

Amy Moore Cert CII

After hearing such good reviews of the working environment at M&DH, I applied in May 2018 for a role to commence upon completing my university course. In July 2018 I took a job as an M&DH Academy Trainee, prior to this I graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in Business with Economics. Whilst studying I worked in the hospitality sector, so I was looking for different career path to follow. This training scheme will allow me to continue developing my and go far with a growing business.

Academy Profile

Anayla Ford Cert CII

In October 2018 I was given the opportunity to become a part of M&DH as an academy Trainee. Prior to this I had completed my A-Levels and was looking for a job that offered me new challenges every day and that appreciated a good work ethic. I applied for the job here at M&DH as I had heard about the determination and growth, along with the fantastic working atmosphere that there is, from then I knew that this was the type of environment that I wanted to be in in order to develop a career and be the best version of myself. As I did not have any experience within the world of insurance, the academy allows me to learn the ropes.

Academy Profile

Alex Anderson

In September 2019 I joined the M&DH Academy as a trainee. After leaving Towergate Insurance I decided it was time to focus on studying my cert CII, whilst still being able to progress my career in insurance. M&DH offered me this opportunity. With providing me support towards my cert CII qualifications and being able to work for a company where your hard work makes you more than just a cog in the wheel is an offer too good to refuse. Working for M&DH has kept me busy and there is a fantastic working environment here. I am excited to continue to expand my knowledge within insurance and further my career here.

Academy Profile

Ben Brooks

As a current student of Business Management at Brighton University, I had the opportunity to undertake a year in industry and having worked at M&DH in Telemarketing, I knew that the prospect of joining the academy would be fantastic and present itself with both rewarding challenges and brilliant opportunities. Having the Academy facilitates the education and development of its Trainees, and I am very excited to learn and grow with the company.