Mount Everest Construction Ltd

Dawid Masel


“I would like to write about our appreciation about the outstanding customer service that we received from Adam Lewis. Last Year we have chosen to use your company for our building insurance thanks to Adam Lewis. He has promised us a better price then our current at that time insurance broker. We had a tight deadline but he has delivered in time. This Year our current at that time fleet insurance broker has come back to us with a renewal that has already been in place that day. When contacted Adam, it was already late Friday afternoon, but he has picked up that we have been insured without our will. As he suggested we have done a transfer of Agency and were able to get lower insurance from yourself. He has been absolutely outstanding. I’ve rang him today, in regards to our building insurance, as we need the insurance schedule for a bridging loan and he has already contacted the insurers even though it’s his day off. We really appreciate his customer service and are generally happy with M&DH Insurance.”