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Meet The Team

Katie Allen

Katie Allen


What are your reasons for joining M&DH?

Katie comes from a dance and musical theatre background and decided she wanted to build a new career path for herself. Her aptitude for learning new skills combined with M&DH providing opportunities for people with varying skill levels was the best opportunity for her to learn and build on new knowledge to then use in her future progression.

What country would you like to visit and why?

Due to her love of animals, Katie would most like to visit South Africa to volunteer in a monkey orphanage to help them have a better start to life.

Describe your perfect weekend?

Katie’s perfect weekend begins with an agility class with her dog, followed by a night in with a glass of wine.


Managing Director
Sales Development Manager
Business Broking Manager

Liz Coulter - Manager

M&DH Academy

Hannah Mattu - Sales Support

Anil Pal - Sales Support

Daniel Lewis - Sales Support