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Meet The Team

Lucy Bland

Lucy Bland

Accounts Assistant

What were your reasons for joining M&DH?

Lucy started at M&DH in November 2015. The reason Lucy joined M&DH was because she wanted to work somewhere where she could progress within a company, have a long future and successful career with. After having brief experience in accounting previous to M&DH, she feels able to bring forward a successful work ethic towards her new role in commercial accounting.

3 ways to spend your salary?

Lucy would spend her salary on a nice car, shoes and make up!

What country would you like to visit and why?

Lucy would love to visit Dubai because the weather is always nice there and they have a huge shopping centre and water park!


Managing Director
Sales Development Manager
Business Broking Manager

Liz Coulter - Manager

M&DH Academy

Hannah Mattu - Sales Support

Anil Pal - Sales Support

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