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Meet The Team

Carla Rookwood

Carla Rookwood

Accounts Manager/HR Officer

3 ways to spend your salary?

The three ways Carla would spend her salary is firstly on a treat for her children, save towards a holiday and some new clothes/shoes for herself!

How was your transition coming into M&DH?

Carla has been a part on the accounts team at M&DH since May 2015, since that time she has worked hard, learnt new skills and shown great commitment. Using these skills she has now been promoted to the Accounts Manager/HR Officer as of January this year.. Moving into this position will bring its challenges but using her skills she has built she will adapt to this and prove she is an integral part of the team. Carla has built a good relationship with both clients and insurers and will continue to build on these in the future.

What is the best thing you have ever owned?

The best thing Carla has ever owned is her first house as she saved a long time to get the deposit, she is now in the process of extending her current property to her dream home!


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