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Jason Randall

Jason Randall

Commercial Insurance Consultant

What made me want to join M&DH?

The reason I wanted to join M&DH is because from first interaction they seemed to be one of the most professional workplaces I have interviewed at, I had seen the type of work they did through their website. I also saw what they have achieved in terms of being in the top 100 best companies, and the top 75 best companies to work for. These were only a few reasons why I knew I had to join this ever growing company, further my career to be the best I can and M&DH give me the best opportunity to do that.

What are my aims at M&DH?

My main aim at M&DH is to become one of the companies top sales people, help the company in their mission to grow to become the largest and most recognised independent commercial broker in the country.

What do I spend my weekends doing?

I spend most of my weekends relaxing, I play football for New Bradwell St peters football club on a Saturday and then just chill out and maybe see a few friends on the Sunday.


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Sales Development Manager
Business Broking Manager